The Best Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019

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The survey was fielded in October 2018, and a total of 190 marketing professionals participated. The report provides valuable data to help marketing professionals with 2019 budget planning.

Here are a few noteworthy findings that will help you plan your digital marketing for the new year.

1. How Digital Marketing Budgets Are Changing

With a total of 88% of marketing professionals planning to increase digital marketing budget to some extent in 2019, the message is clear: companies are standing behind digital marketing. If you want to meet your goals and compete with your competition, build your case to increase your budget. How do you get more budget? Show your leadership team specific tactics and a detailed strategy on how you will use your increased budget to meet precise business goals.

2. Tactical Effectiveness: Content Marketing Tops the List

So want digital marketing tactics should you invest in? Content marketing is the most successful tactic for a 58% majority of marketing professionals, while search engine optimization and email marketing follow with 50% and 47% respectively.

Developing high-quality content, like original research, provides the foundational piece for your content marketing, SEO, email marketing, paid advertising, personalization, and more. As you plan for 2019, consider what content pieces you need to create to fuel your content marketing machine.

3. Top Strategic Priorities: Increasing Sales Prospects and Acquiring More Customers

Increasing sales prospects or leads, and acquiring more customers, will be top priorities for marketing professionals (64% and 55% respectively) in 2019. This emphasizes the importance of marketing’s support of and alignment with the sales process.

4. Challenging Barriers to Success: Engaging Customers Online and Measuring Results

Engaging customers online and measuring digital marketing results are challenging barriers to success for 49% and 47% of marketing professionals respectively. The sales-related goal of increasing customer acquisition is also a barrier to success for marketers.

5. How Digital Marketing Effectiveness is Changing

The good news is the effectiveness of online tactics is increasing for an impressive total of 89% of marketing professionals. So the investment that you make in digital marketing in 2019 is likely to provide results that you need to meet your goals.

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Source: convinceandconvert

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